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Service Agreement for Overnight Pet Care

Alternative Pet Care offers professional Overnight Pet Care for those pets who prefer to have a human with them at night. Our clients can feel secure knowing that their home has an added measure of security that Overnight Pet Care provides.

The Overnight Pet Care fee is $69.99 per night for 1 pet, $74.99 per night for 2 pets, $78.99 per night for 3 pets, and $4 for each additional pet. The overnight fee includes a minimum of: the evening pet care routine between 5-7p.m., overnight stay (check-in by 10p.m.), and the morning pet care routine. If an additional mid-day walk is needed, an additional fee per mid-day visit will apply.

Keep in mind that your pet sitter will have other pet sitting rounds, but will be using your home as his/her “home base”. The time spent with your pets will vary based on your sitter’s schedule, but will always include the minimum time stated above.

Due to the exclusivity of Overnight Pet Care reservations, we must decline any overnight requests that coincide with your reservation. Therefore, any Overnight Pet Care reservation requires a 50% non-refundable deposit at the time of the booking. The balance will be due at the start of the reservation. All payments are processed using a major credit card. We do not accept checks.

Sleeping Arrangements
: Please let your sitter know which room you would like him/her to sleep in during his/her stay. The pet sitter will strip the bed and put linens in the washer at the end of his/her stay.

Your pet sitter will bring his/her own food, but may need to use your stove, microwave, etc. Please let your pet sitter and the office know if there are any restrictions.

: Your pet sitter may like to hang out with your pet(s) and watch T.V. or need to use the phone for local calls. Please let your pet sitter & the office know if there are any special instructions or restrictions. 

: We understand that each home and daily pet care routine is unique. Please help us care for your home and pets better by letting us know any special instructions that may be unique to your home and/or pets. Please make sure to provide both the office and your pet sitter with any special instructions.

I, ________________________________, have read, understand, and agree to these terms for Overnight Pet Care provided by Alternative Pet Care. I understand these terms are in addition to the terms outlined on Alternative Pet Care’s, Client Profile.

Signature: __________________________________________

Date: _______________________


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